Episode 41 - Bonus Episode: Nicolas Cage Films

August 11, 2017

Hello and welcome to TournaMint Julep!!!!

We have a bonus episode since our last was not in our regular format. Tonight, we take on our favorite Nicolas Cage films! From Face/Off to The Wicker Man to Raising Arizona and everything in between, we take on the world's most divisive actor. Is he the best actor with a terrible agent, or is he the worst actor with some lucky breaks? We'll sort it all out while heavily intoxicated for a bonus episode.

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P.S. We'll be attending the live Doug Loves Movies taping in Cincinnati on August 12th. If you are attendance, find us in line and argue with us about Nicolas Cage films. Our name tags will be Jason-In-Law, Chas of Nuke 'Em High, LaBrenth and BrittAny Which Way But Loose.


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