Episode 27 - Weird Boners

March 27, 2017

Hello and welcome to TournaMint Julep!

After not posting since March 10th, we've finally got our shit together and put out an episode. This was originally supposed to be a bonus episode, so we are starting out a little too buzzed, and it may be our most crass topic yet.

Join us, as we speak about our celebrity crushes of those that are unconventionally attractive (or in Chas' case with her #1 pick, a very conventionally attractive person). Also, unfortunately we had drank a little too much to include Charles Barkley or a few others that usually pop up in similar conversations.

As always, please share us around, follow us on Twitter, like us on iTunes and keep your listening. If this is the first time you have stumbled up on us, please don't just us by a bonus episode, dig back in and find something else to start with, then come back and enjoy our drunken ramblings.

Oh, also we taped this a while back, so we give a happy Logan  weekend at the end, because that movie had just came out at time of taping. Hope you all did have a happy Logan, we sure did. Have a happy Ghost in the Shell this weekend!


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