Episode 18 - Saturday Night Live Sketches

December 21, 2016

Hello and welcome to TournaMint Julep

Since it is Christmas weekend, we offer a bonus episode for you before our promised Christmas special. This is an episode that we enjoyed talking about, but feared it wasn't entertaining to hear us talk about what we think is funny, so we've sat on it a bit. So, here it is, take it as a guide to find YouTube clips of some old SNL favorites. 

If this is your first TMJ, maybe check out our coolest characters episode from last week, or go all the way back to reality television to get a feel of our usual inebriated selves. 

Also, come back tomorrow as we will hopefully have our Christmas episode up and going. And as always, if you find this and enjoy it, share it with friends, like us, leave comments on iTunes or any other platform you've found us on!


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